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Full Service

A full service at G. P. Georgiou BMWork Cars Services LTD is just that, a complete check and service of your vehicle. This kind of service tends to happen least regularly as it is the most comprehensive. Our well-trained mechanics will check and service over 30 points of your car including the replacement of all filters, spark plugs, and oil, as well as the topping-up of all required fluids. Should you require any serious work on your vehicle, we will contact you and quote you for the work before ordering parts and carrying out any repairs.

Interim Service

Our interim service is designed to fit in perfectly between the full services that your vehicle needs, or perhaps to give you extra piece of mind if you are planning a long journey, or just if your car needs a tune-up. The mechanic will carry out a series of checks as well as changing your engine oil and all necessary filters. As with the full service, should you require any repairs, we will contact you with a quote before we order any parts or carry out any work.

Oil ServiceOur Oil and Filter Change Service is the perfect low-cost option for when you car doesn’t require a full service (but it’s not a replacement to the full service!) as well as changing your engine’s oil and replacing all necessary filters, our mechanics will also top up all fluids to keep your car in working order. If we see anything we think might need repairing we’ll contact you with a quote before we order parts or carry out any work. For further information, please get in touch! We hope the range of services fulfils all your motoring needs, however if you would like any information about the three different services we offer, or if you’re not sure which is best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Why not book a service and MOT at the same time to save two journeys to the garage?